Corporation details - Indigo Generation [IN GE]
Alliance: None CEO: Pasalune
Kills: 24 HQ:
Losses: 27 Members: 110
ISK destroyed: 3.57B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 5.03B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 41.52% Website:
The People of the Indigo Ray, or the Blue Ones, have been on this planet for a while, but have not manifested in such great numbers for a very long time. There has always been a random sprinkling of Indigos in the population in all generations, but these people were fairly rare before the final third of the Twentieth Century. And Indigos have been with us since the dawn of time, and many have contributed much to our advancement- some were famous, many were not. All were unique and gifted.

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November 2019
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HeWhoDaresWins 1. HeWhoDaresWins 4
Zvaigzdune 2. Zvaigzdune 4
victoria 13 3. victoria 13 2
MJ77 4. MJ77 2
Stryder78 5. Stryder78 2
gromsas kieciausias 6. gromsas kieciausias 2
Hell'o 7. Hell'o 2
GaliunasDzo MightyBeaver 8. GaliunasDzo MightyBeaver 2
Prieblanda 9. Prieblanda 2
DiadiaEVREJ 10. DiadiaEVREJ 1
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