The Killboard

This is the EVE Development Network Killboard running version (July 2019 1.0), created for EVE Online corporations and alliances. Based on the EVE-Killboard created by rig0r, it is now developed and maintained by the EVE-Dev group.

All EVE graphics and data used are property of CCP.

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Current developers:
Mini Mooo, Salvoxia, Fuegor
Previous developers:
Beansman, Captain Thunk, FriedRoadKill, Hon Kovell, Idun, Ralle030583, exi, mastergamer
Coni, EDG, JaredC01, Karbowiak, Mitchman, Snitch Ashor, bunjiboys, liquidism

This killboard currently contains: 33406 killmails, 44644 pilots, 25653 corporations and 2920 alliances.

Theme: Prime

Prime by Vecati

Prime (Amarr Version) by Vecati
Download By Vecati here.

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Mods used:
Advanced Search
Adds many different custom search criterea to a custom search dialogue, creates links for sharing search result
Version 2.7.2 by Sonya Rayner, fixed by Redhouse, enhanced for better compatibility by Salvoxia
Purpose unknown
Purpose unknown
Combined Fleet Battle Overview
Fleet battle overview and strongly enhanced related kills page (balance of power, battle overview, battle timeline, loss toplists, loot overview, JS tabs)
battles_mod combined with fleet_battles;
original code by Quebnaric Deile;
updated and enhanced for EDK4 by Salvoxia
Info Links v1.0
adds Dotlan, Eve Gate and Eve Who links to detail views
Known Members
Add an option for a list of known members to the corp details page.
Core distribution mod.
Most Expensive Toplist v1.1
Adds alltime/monthly toplists for most expensive kills/losses to corp/alliance detail view
Purpose unknown
Corp Pilot Stats
based on allicorpstats_page except shows stats on corp members.
RankMod 1.01 by Chro'Tal
Assigns ranks, medals and ribbons based on pilot performance.
Download and forum, see EVEDK Forum
RSS Feed
Generates an RSS feed for most recent kills or losses.
Core distribution mod.
Purpose unknown
Server Status
Shows the status of the Tranquility server, number of players and server time on the front page
Version 1.4 original version by Khie3l
Signature Generator
Generates signature images showing most kill information by a pilot.
Core distribution mod.
Kills & Real kills
'Kills' - The count of all kills by an entity.
'Real kills' - This is the count of recorded kills minus any pod, shuttle and noobship kills.
The 'Real kills' value is used throughout all award and statistic pages.

Kill points
Administrator option.

If enabled, every kill is assigned a point value. Based on the shiptype destroyed, and the number and types of ships involved in the kill, the number of points indicates the difficulty of the kill. As a result, a gank will get a lot less points awarded than a kill in a small engagement.

Efficiency is calculated as the ratio of damage done in ISK of ship and modules versus the damage received in ISK. This comes down to damagedone / (damagedone + damagereceived ) * 100.

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